Palliative care is an organized team effort of Doctors, Nurses, Volunteers, Medical Social Workers, Occupational and Physical therapists, Pharmacist etc. who work together with sincerity and conviction at caregiving approach, optimizing quality of life and mitigating suffering among people with serious, complex illness.

In Bangladesh palliative care professionals in most cases have been paid less attention, sometimes they are ignored. Due to this reason, there is a great absence of efficient or professionals in palliative care.

Aastha Hospice (Foundation of Hospice Bangladesh) took a great initiative to acknowledge their exemplary role of the professionals.

In 2017, Aastha Hospice began the first step of this initiatives by organizing “Farida Khanam Palliative Care Nurse Award”. At the beginning four nurses were awarded.

In 2018, Aastha-Hospice in association with Hospice Bangladesh (HBD) & World Child Cancer organized” Palliative Care Nurse Award 2018. In 2018, more nurses were awarded in more categories than previous year. With the joint collaboration of National Institute of Cancer Research and Hospital.

Following this, in 2019 Aastha-Hospice organized “Palliative Care Award 2019 by giving awards to Palliative Care doctors, Nurses & volunteer. Ten nurses, four doctors and one volunteer recognized, we’ve included more categories than previous year.

This event was held on 23rd December 2019 at BRAC Center Inn. in Mohakhali, Dhaka. It was a great event in the history of Palliative Care in Bangladesh. A good numbers of community people got engaged in this award as a sponsor which was the prime vision of Aastha Hospice along with honor the professionals.

The awardee in different categories are following:

  1. Mojib Rahman Palliative Care Institutional Nurse award- Tripti Shaha, NIRCH
  2. Late Abdul Ali Bhuiya Palliative Care Institutional Nurse Award- “Magdeline Baby Rozario, ASHIC
  3. Late MD Abu Naser Palliative Care Institutional nurse award

-Rowsan Ara, Shahid Suhrawardy Medical College Hospital.

-Lailatul Ferdous, Department of Palliative Medicine, BSMMU.

  1. Jubidur Kabir Foundation Institutional Nurse Award- Abdul Karim, DMCH
  2. Late Shehruq Raise Mawla Palliative Home Care Nurse Award

-Beauty Aktar, HBD

-Mahmuda Aktar, BSMMU.

-Jannati Khatun, HBD

  1. Farida Khanam Foundation Palliative Home Care Nurse award- Lima Khatun, HBD
  2. Farida Khanam Foundation Palliative Home Care Nurse award- Khurshida Akhter, HBD
  3. Farida Khanam Foundation Palliative Care Doctor Fellowship award- Dr. Mehnaz Akter, DMCH
  4. Mojib Rahman Palliative Care Doctor Fellowship Award- Dr. Lubna Mariam, NICRH
  5. DR Md Abdul Mabud Palliative Care Doctor Fellowship Award- Dr. Sonali Nandi, HBD
  6. Late Alfaz Hossain Palliative Care Doctor Fellowship Award- Dr. Shahnaz Begum, BMCH
  7. Late A N Amanullah palliative Care Volunteer Award- Rifat Akhter, Aastha Hospice

It was our tremendous pleasure to have, (as chief guest), Honorable State Minister Mr. K M Khalid MP, Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. It was the matter of honor that the state minister was present at this event and promised to work for the development of Palliative Care in Bangladesh.

Dr. Shahinur Kabir, Founder of Aastha & Hospice Bangladesh, Dr Rifat Aktar, President of Aastha Hospice, Prof. Dr, Nezam Uddin Ahmed, Chairman, Dept of palliative Medicine, BSMMU; Shaila Ahmed, Vice President of Aastha-Hospice, Samina Afrin, Secretary of Aastha Hospice gave their valuable informative speech. Dr.Sazia Afrin, Chairman of Hospice Bangladesh, also present there.

At last popular singer of Bangladesh “Samina Chowdhury” entertained guests by singing her some popular songs. Singer expressed her gratitude to invite her at this event.

All guests enjoyed this grand event of the year in Palliative Care in Bangladesh. The Award Organizing Committee felt some sort satisfaction to see the smile in the face of awardee as well as all professionals of palliative care present at the Award Ceremony. Actually this type of award ceremony inspire the participants and all of the professionals to work with more devotion. It reminds them their great role to promote palliative Care in Bangladesh.