Since 2017, every year Aastha foundation in association with Hospice Bangladesh and World Child Cancer organise Palliative Care Award.

It is the most awaiting event of the year not only for Aastha Foundation but also for professionals involved with Palliative care. 

In Bangladesh, it is the only Award event that has been ever organised in Bangladesh to acknowledge the contribution of the health professionals involved in Palliative care.

In Bangladesh palliative care service has been initiated in 2006. But even in more than 12 years, the progress of this services is not satisfactory and professionals are also some times less valued in comparison with other discipline of health sector. This Award event was initiated to make them feel special and  valued.

It is highly noteworthy that since 2017, every year the award category has been increasing and at the same time the number of award sponsors is also increasing which indicates that more community people are also taking part in this great event.

All of us know that the year of 2020 was the year of COVID- 19 pandemic against which the whole world is still fighting to survive.

At the beginning of pandemic the award organising committee was little bit confused whether the event could be held or not. But it was the sincere effort and great interest of the members of Aastha Foundation which made the event possible. 

This year in 2020, the event was held with very limited participants at Gulshan Club on 26th December. The number of total participants was 30 and the room capacity was more than 100. All safety measures during COVID-19 pandemic were maintained properly. The program was live on social media. 

The awardee in different categories are following:

  1. Mojib Rahman Palliative Care Institutional Nurse Award- Alladi Khatun
  2. Late Mohammad Abdul Ali Bhuiyan Palliative Care Institutional Nurse Award- Rojline Dio
  3. Late Kathleen Antoinette Hossain Palliative Care Institutional Nurse Award- Ruhul Islam
  4. Late Choudhury A.K.M. Shamsuddoha Palliative Care Institutional Nurse Award- Zobaida Khatun
  5. Late A N Amanullah Palliative Care Institutional Nurse Award- Kulsum Akter
  6. Late Mr. Shehruq Raise Mawla  Palliative Home Care Nurse Award- Kakole
  7. Late Mr. Shehruq Raise Mawla Palliative Home Care Nurse Award- Bithi Parvin
  8. Asma Rahman Palliative Home Care Nurse Award- Kulsum Kohinur
  9. Late Farida Khanom Palliative Home Care Nurse Award- Md. Saimon Islam
  10. Late Md Abu Naser Palliative Home Care Nurse Award- Mst. Mazeda Afrin Mim
  11. Late Farida Khanom Palliative Care Doctor Award- Dr. Md. Reaz Uddin Ahmed
  12. Mojib Rahman Palliative Care Doctor Award- Dr. Nashid Islam
  13. Dr. Mohammad Abdul Mabud Palliative Care Doctor Award- Dr. Samia Ahmed
  14. Late Alfaz Hossain Palliative Care Doctor Award- Dr. Zannat Ara
  15. Late Alhaj Md. Jobed Ali Palliative Care Volunteer Award- Md. Mahmudul Hoque
  16. Late Alfaz Hossain Palliative Care Volunteer Award- Farjana Akter
  17. Late Choudhury A.K.M. Shamsuddoha Covid-19 Hero Award- Dr. Raihan Rabbani
  18. Late Mamtaz Begum Covid-19 Hero Award- Sreekanto Kumar

In 2020, another new category was introduced “COVID-19 Hero” to acknowledge the heroic role of health professionals who provided support to patients suffering from corona virus.

The chief guest of the event was Kazi Nabil Ahmed, Member of Bangladesh Parliament (Jeshore-3). The special guest was Prof. Dr. AKM Amirul Morshed Khasru, Additional Director General (Admin), Directorate General of Medical Education, Ministry of Health & Family Affairs and  First Palliative Care Professor in Bangladesh“Prof Dr. Nezamuddin Ahmad”. One of the pioneers in paediatric palliative care of Bangladesh “Prof. Zohora  Jameela Khan and 24/7 Palliative Home Care pioneer Dr. Shahinur Kabir were also present at the award event and they gave their valuable speeches. 

Prof. Amirul Khasru told that very soon “Palliative Care” will be included in the curriculum of MBBS.It is really very positive stimulus for all. Dr. Khasru was previously working as the Head of Pediatric Haematology and oncology, Dhaka Medical College Hospital. Prof. Nezamuddin told that it’s been long but still many people do not know about palliative care and necessary steps need to be taken as soon as possible to establish and make it available all over the Bangladesh. Dr. Shahinur told the story of initiated Palliative Care award in Bangladesh. He said that the award started mainly focus on realise the dignity and value of home care nurse in our society.