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Ageing is a natural phenomenon which cannot be stopped or altered. From the dawn of civilization man is feared of being old. There is a German proverb, ‘Old age is a disease that you die from’. In fact elderly suffer from variety of diseases which make them feeble, dependant and even bed bound. This is why, every human being wants to get rid of old age but this is inevitable.

From the era of ancient medicine, physicians tried their best to alleviate the sufferings of elderly but only a few people reached their maximum due to early death by diseases and war.

Ageing in Bangladesh is a recent phenomenon. Though internationally accepted cut of age is 65 years, above which peoples are considered elderly, in Bangladesh, persons with age of 60 or above are cited as geriatric age group in different literatures. However, in reality people in this country become older before the age of 60 because of poverty, physical hard working and, inability and illness due to malnutrition and geographical condition as well.

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Aastha Health Center

Recently we open a satellite center at Rayer Bazar Slum, Mohammadpur, Dhaka. Here we support underprivileged people specially elder person support geriatric and palliative care.


We believe that healthcare should be a social good – it is a basic human need, and should be available to as many people as possible.